Pre-incubation (PINK) programme

Are you ready to join the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) Business Incubator pre-incubation program?

  • Do you have a desire to learn?
  • Do you have an idea for your own product/service?
  • Do you wish to develop a product prototype and validate your business idea in Latvia?
  • Are you motivated to leave your comfort zone?
  • Will you have time to participate in events organized by the Business Incubator?

If each of your answers to these questions is affirmative, apply!

What is PINK?

The pre-incubation (PINK) program is a six-month-long free program for individuals with business ideas. The program is offered by 11 regional Business Incubators and 9 support units, as well as the Creative Industries Incubator in Riga, which specializes in providing support to creative industries companies. Within the programs, business idea authors have three tasks:
1. Find product/market fit
2. Ascertain the sustainability of the business model
3. Calculate the necessary financial resources and employee quantity required. Identify where those resources can be found.

During the pre-incubation, the entrepreneurs develop their idea together with the incubator team, experts from a variety of fields, and with the help of other community members. The incubator also offers a coworking space - a place to work on your idea and meet with colleagues and potential partners.

PINK is a safe environment where you can test your technological and business hypotheses as quickly as possible.

Who is the PINK program for?

The PINK program is suitable for individuals with business ideas who don't have a company yet, as well as recent entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their entrepreneurship journey with a product that hasn't yet reached the masses. PINK can also be useful for established and successful businesses that want to test a new idea. A focus in the program is placed on the development of entrepreneurial skills and networking, as well as sharing ideas, suggestions and mistakes. If a person has an idea, as well as a will and a desire to learn and become a part of a community, PINK is a suitable solution for them. Individuals (able to make decisions and over the age of 18) both without registered companies as well as with registered businesses are able to apply.

Reside outside of Latvia? Want to grow a business in Latvia?

If you are studying, living or working abroad, the Pre-Incubation Program is also available for you online. We invite you to apply for the Pre-Incubation Program even if you are currently abroad but know that you want to develop your business idea or company in Latvia.

The Pre-incubation Program is also available to the Latvian diaspora.

For more information, please visit LIAA homepage (redirect to page in Latvian, please use your internet browser add-ons to see the translation).

For any questions, please contact

What will you gain?

By joining the program, the entrepreneurial individual becomes a part of Latvia's largest community of new entrepreneurs. They receive important support for the development of their business idea and testing their business model. They can work from the incubator coworking spaces. Participants are given the opportunity to attend a variety of events, seminars and individual consultations on topics that are connected to entrepreneurship. Each participant attends business school where they're provided with a look into many topics. All of the incubators regularly organize networking events where the individual can meet established entrepreneurs in a non-formal atmosphere and listen to their experience. PINK participants are offered all of these opportunities free of charge.

How can you join PINK?

To become a PINK program participant, you need to contact your local incubator team and arrange your first meeting. During that time, the potential participant tells the incubator representative about their idea and delves into the product's potential and longevity. Subsequently, the incubator representative shares how the program can support the idea. If there is still an interest in participation, the potential participant must make note of program recruitment dates.

Who is not able to join PINK?

PINK support can not be received by companies from various industries. For example, in fishing and aquaculture, agriculture, financial intermediaries, and gambling industries. For more information, please contact LIAA Business incubators.

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