Incubation In addition to the opportunities provided by the pre-incubation, the incubation offers also the possibility to receive a 50 % co-financing for purchase of services required for development of business, for example, accounting, premise lease, design, marketing, technology consultations and prototype development, certification, laboratory costs, etc. LIAA provides the purchase of these services.
In the incubation, the customers may receive a grant (with 50 % co-financing) in amount of up to 10,000 EUR and up to 5,000 EUR to cover the costs of the equipment purchase. The entrepreneur pays for the service in amount of 100 % before receipt of the grant.
Entrepreneurs who are not registered for more than three years are admitted to the incubation. It lasts for up to four years, as long as the company has reached the incubation goals. Admission to the incubation takes place periodically.