Due to the emergency situation in Latvia caused by the Covid-19 virus, applications for admission to the Business Incubator are accepted electronically at, with a secure electronic signature (e-paraksts), or by post to Perse iela 2, Riga, LV-1442.




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Investment in new and exportable business ideas all over Latvia


Ludmila Stavro-FreibergaResponse by Dr. Stavro
Participating in a Business Incubator has made a huge contribution to the development of our business. We are very pleased with the experience, support and knowledge received at the Jurmala Business Incubator. An incubator is an important launch point for a new company to move forward and reach new business heights. Furthermore, the incubator has professional, collaborative and great staff who always perform at the highest level. We wish you good luck and lots of success in supporting new, future ideas!
Marta ŠulceSilmachy Remedies Ltd.
The team of Jurmala Business Incubator is very helpful and always prepared to find solutions or provide useful recommendations in any challenging situation. I really enjoy the business community at the incubator, which is great for networking. Everyone is helpful and willing to share opinions and tips. Undeniably, the co-financing of various services necessary for the business offered by the LIAA Business Incubators is a great incentive as well. I sincerely recommend it!
Vitālijs Č
Bauska Business Incubator coworking space is a place to meet a great community of entrepreneurs! Everyone has the opportunity to get involved, receiving extra momentum for the growth of their business.
Elizabete PalasiosaStory Hub Ltd.
The second best decision in the history of our company, after founding it, was applying for the LIAA Creative Industries Incubator programme. This is, without doubt, one of the most valuable opportunities for development of your own business in Latvia, especially in the creative industries sector.
Terēze RiekstiņaPilsētnieki Ltd., "Dare to Sell" brand
Being a part of an incubator is a great opportunity for a young entrepreneur to receive much-needed advice, support and knowledge and to meet other entrepreneurs and idea creators. It helps you understand that everyone has their own path, but the challenges and difficulties remain similar. Feeling supported and confident in yourself and your idea is very important for everyone taking a new path.
A very friendly team! People who encourage you to get busy!


Consulting and training

Receive advice from incubator staff and involved experts, attend the business school with the most knowledgeable professionals and practitioners of the industry, and visit to everyday thematic workshops.

The biggest coworking network in Latvia

Use the LIAA Business Incubator coworking rooms with almost 2,000 m2 of total area for work, meetings and business negotiations in 15 cities throughout Latvia.

Co-financing for development of your company

Receive a 50 % co-funding for the purchase of services required for development of your business, for example, accounting, rent of premises, design, marketing, product prototyping, certification, etc.

The biggest community of young entrepreneurs

Join the incubator and become a part of a wide contact network – entrepreneurs and experts of various fields and sectors.

Publicity and visibility

Under the Magnetic Latvia Business incubator brand you will gain more publicity in B2B and B2C customer events, industry exhibitions, media, etc.

Co-financing for equipment purchase

Receive a 50 % co-funding for purchase of equipment required for development of your business or product.