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Ģirts KlampisKK Original Design
The incubator helped our company with both grants and information: if there are any unclear issues, the incubator provides efficient advice and finds a solution to the problems faced by young entrepreneurs. Thanks to the LIAA support to foreign exhibitions, we had the opportunity to participate in “RehaCare”, which is one of the biggest and most prestigious exhibitions in Europe in the rehabilitation field.
Arturs GailītisVIEDI
You can reach a lot not only in Riga but also in a small town with 7,000 inhabitants. If you have ideas and internal spark to realize them, the right people will come and help you to get there. The idea to create a pop-up restaurant in countryside on a raft in the middle of a lake sounded unrealistic, but it turned out successful! Madona Business Incubator provides both with advice and office rooms for important meetings, and financial support.
The Business Incubator is not only a support to us, the new businesses, it is a community where we share experiences, gain knowledge and face new challenges. It is a motivation to persistence; it makes us to strive for the goal and believe in our own strength!
Kristaps KančsPurenn
Individual approach and creative atmosphere enables us to explore new business opportunities we had not discovered so far. A professional team is always a great support. The incubator is like a family that will help you to find the right path and is happy about the family successes and achievements.


Consulting and training

Receive advice from incubator staff and involved experts, attend the business school with the most knowledgeable professionals and practitioners of the industry, and visit to everyday thematic workshops.

The biggest coworking network in Latvia

Use the LIAA Business Incubator coworking rooms with almost 2,000 m2 of total area for work, meetings and business negotiations in 15 cities throughout Latvia.

Co-financing for development of your company

Receive a 50 % co-funding for the purchase of services required for development of your business, for example, accounting, rent of premises, design, marketing, product prototyping, certification, etc.

The biggest community of young entrepreneurs

Join the incubator and become a part of a wide contact network – entrepreneurs and experts of various fields and sectors.

Publicity and visibility

Under the Magnetic Latvia Business incubator brand you will gain more publicity in B2B and B2C customer events, industry exhibitions, media, etc.

Co-financing for equipment purchase

Receive a 50 % co-funding for purchase of equipment required for development of your business or product.

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